Thursday, December 29, 2011

Be like me, buy a flail!

A few months ago, Robin Hood - the Legend of Sherwood became available on Steam. It's currently on sale for $5. I wrote this email to some friends to express my feelings towards it. While I'm working on some longer posts, I thought I'd share it with a slightly wider audience.

This is a fantastic game, as in the best game EVAR. It was released in 2002 so will run on most hardware that's available today. The story is engaging (if a bit familiar), the control is intuitive, the characters are personable, and the dialogue is funny.

If you have ever played any kind of game, you will like this game and you should get this game and play it and then you should tell all of your friends so that they can play it.

This game is better than ice cream. This game will clean your house for you.

There is a lull in the plot about 80% of the way through. This low point is better than any other game you have ever played.

If I had to choose between never playing this game again and drinking a can of Diet Pepsi, I would drink the Diet Pepsi. And I hate Diet Pepsi with the heat of a thousand hot wings.

When you play this game, you will know what it truly means to be alive. On the fourth Thursday of November, you will list this game as one of the things you are thankful for. You will want to thank me for introducing you, but instead of the traditional blow jobs and cocaine, please send money.

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