Likes and dislikes

So, here I want to have a list of things I like and dislike, with various degrees of same. Ideally I'd have a massive chart and each thing would have a spot on it corresponding to how much I like it, and clicking on the spots would take you to a relevant webpage. In my dreamworld where I can be bothered to do that and update it. Well, now I have headings at least:

Things the world would be better without
Sneezing while driving
Diet Pepsi

Things I would like to be far away from me
Neck beard

Things I'm keen on
Teensy ice crystals in my Diet Coke
Levi's 557s. At last. (Would have a link, but they are oddly missing from the Levi's catalog website. Catalogue?)

Things which enrich my life
Self-referential humour
Recognizing voiceover actors