Thursday, July 22, 2010

<tap tap>… Is this thing on?

First post! I’ll put up a real first post later – doing this mainly to test the Windows Live Writer –> blogspot connection.

That said, I thought of just posting FIRST!!!! like people do on comment threads and forum threads. It made me giggle a bit because being first to post on my own blog is not really any kind of achievement at all, so it would be a silly thing to be proud of.

Then I decided to rant about how irritating those comments without content are, instead. What does anyone gain from writing (or reading) them? Now everyone knows that you spend your time waiting for new blog posts to appear so that you can tap out a reply. Your lust to be FIRST probably overrode your interest in actually reading the post that you’re replying to. This makes you a loser.

I’ve heard of a forum community which requires each post to be unique – i.e. it cannot have been posted before. This eliminates such things as FIRST, In Before Lock, and “I agree with Captain Buttz.” Sure, you could retype it with extraneous punctuation, but hopefully having the first post rejected will make you pause for long enough to get bored and not bother. Besides which, by that time probably someone else will be FIRST, and then you’ll have lost at being a loser.

Anyway, proper introduction to come soon. I promise.

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