Thursday, July 22, 2010

We're doing it live!

OK, going to make some blogs now.

So, this blog is mostly going to be about games, gamers, and gaming. It is unlikely to feature gametes, gamelans, or Gaffer Gamgee - although it's possible that it will. I may also use it to recount amusing anecdotes or rant about things that irritate me. I will try to be witty but will probably just regress into terrible puns.

I don't know who will read this or why they would want to. As such, I am likely to include swears, because I appreciate the richness of language they enable. I'm also very pleased with myself for how that last sentence turned out, unlike this one which took me three rewrites.

I am mostly a PC gamer, although I also play some xbox, wii, card and board games. We have a couple of Nintendo GBA SP's and my wife has a PSP, but we haven't touched them in a few years. On the PC, I play a lot of World of Warcraft with a guild that I'm currently leading, and also various other games of various genres - FPS, RTS, turn-based, TLA, RPG, adventure, puzzle, casual, and many of the other kinds too. I may also write about games my wife is playing - she plays WoW and some other PC games but tends to prefer the xbox. I have hooked up an xbox controller to her PC, where it has been gathering dust for several months now.

What qualifies me to write this? I have a google account, that's what. It's really not hard to get a blog started. Why should you read this or value my opinion? Well, I hope you find my writing style at least a little bit entertaining. As for my gaming credentials, the first game I remember playing was Enchanted Scepters, which was released in 1984. Now, I'm pretty sure I wasn't actually PLAYING it then, since I was not doing a whole lot other than eating and sleeping for much of that year. But the point is, I've been wasting my life pushing buttons to make pixels move for a long time.

And that's the first post.

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