Monday, June 27, 2011

The Magicka post


Very short review: Magicka is awesome and you should play it. Now.

Short review:

Magicka is an action-adventure game in which you play as a faceless wizard and do wizardy things, like magic and spells. The gameplay is unlike most similar games – it removes leveling, quests, and resources entirely, and minimizes the impact of loot, in order to provide a purer monster-blasting experience.

High points:

  1. The game is full of in-jokes and references to every meme this side of Rickrolling. (THIS… IS… MAGICKA!)
  2. You can set yourself on fire.
  3. You can drench and then electrocute yourself.
  4. You can blow yourself halfway across the screen with mines.
  5. If you use the right spells, monsters swell up like balloons before exploding.
  6. There were other things, but I haven’t played the game in about 3 months so I don’t remember them.

Low points:

  1. The game was pretty buggy at release, and it’s still not all fixed. On one level, your healing spells are supposed to hurt you instead, and you can get an item that switches it back. But… sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.
  2. For a game that’s relatively small and doesn’t have spectacularly flashy graphics, it’s a bit of a resource hog.

They’ve added a PvP mode and a bunch of cosmetic DLC lately, which I haven’t played. Yes, this is a lazy way to write a review.

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